Changing Landscape of Australian Migration Industry: Impact on Prospective Migrants

Hi Friends,

The Australian Government always strive to protect the interests of common people. They are also committed to safeguard interests of prospective migrants.

Keeping this thing in mind, they have made stricter qualification requirements for newer MARA agents from 1 January 2018. So, now MARA agents will have to study Graduate Diploma (it was Graduate Certificate earlier) along with hosts of other additional hoops they have to jump before they can independently work.

This will raise the standard of the industry as a whole but there will be fewer new MARA agents in the future. The Australian National University has scrapped their whole migration program.

What does it mean for the prospective migrants? A standard of service they truly deserve as the dream of settling in a new country is a major decision which involves emotions, finances and hosts of other things.

What it means for current migration industry? The average age of current MARA agents is almost 60 years. And the migration industry has undergone its biggest overhaul in last 20-30 years. This means constantly keeping yourself updated. With people in their 60s, it is a very difficult task. So, many MARA agents are deciding to retire early now as they have already made their moolah!

What is means to current MARA agents? It simply means that they will have less competition in near future as the supply of new MARA agents will dry up due to newer requirements and also the older people leaving the field early. On top of it, the current Australian legal practitioners will also be impacted come July 2018. So, those who have 10-20 years ahead will be able to reap the benefits of providing service to more clients at a greater remuneration due to less competition.

Why this has been enacted by Australian Government? Simply to raise the standard of service and to safeguard innocent clients (intending migrants to Australia) who are duped of their hard earned money by unscrupulous agents.

So, it becomes very important to understand how serious the Australian Government is to protect you as a future Australian. Thus, you should take migration advice only from registered MARA agent to get on to the right path to settle successfully in Australia.

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