Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency (PR): Part II

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Hope you guys enjoyed Part I of this series. Here is the second part:

The fourth benefit that the Australian permanent residents will enjoy is the health care entitlement. As a permanent resident of Australia, you will enjoy the privilege of free medical benefits run by the government called Medicare. Under Medicare, you receive free treatment at a Doctor’s clinic which accept Medicare. Some people also get approved Medicare Card depending upon your income etc. which entitles you to subsidised medicines. Also, your kids may be eligible for dental benefits with a yearly cap.

Fifth advantage is regarding social security benefits. The Australian Government recently changed the rules and now the permanent residents must hold for a period of minimum two years before they are entitled to receive social security benefits like unemployment, medical and student loan benefits that are offered by Australia’s Centrelink. Centrelink is the Australian Government agency which deals with eligibility for various benefits which Australian PRs/citizens are eligible for.

Sixth Benefit: Children of PRs born in Australia directly get Australian citizenship. Those who arrive directly on PR have to wait for four years before they become eligible for Australian citizenship. Australian passport is 6th most powerful passport in the world giving you access to visit 183 countries of the world visa-free. Indians have access to travel 58 countries visa-free.

Other benefits include that they can sponsor your relatives (depends on your eligibility), only PRs can become MARA agents, and they can travel and apply for work rights on arrival in New Zealand.

There are some other benefits as well but I have listed major ones only here. Hope you enjoyed the blog and some of you may have decided to make the move now to get your Australian PR.

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Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency (PR): Part I

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People often ask me what are the benefits of migrating to Australia? So, I am starting a series of blogs here where I will be listing the benefits of Australian PR.

The most obvious advantage of Australian PR is that you can move and permanently settle in any Australian city you like (if not through State or Regional program). You won’t need visa for next five years to come and leave Australia. After that time, you either get Australian citizenship (if you qualify) or get your PR renewed (again if you qualify).

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The second biggest advantage of Australian PR is that you can apply for any jobs in Australia. But some government jobs are only for Australian citizens, so you have to wait till you reach that stage. Australian employers give preference to Australian PRs as they are looking for long term prospects. Most of the jobs categorically advertise that only Australian PRs/citizens should apply.

So, this give you a huge leg up over the candidates who are not Australian PRs/citizens. Please comment below and I will write blog about how to land job in Australia (remember we are migration agency and not recruiters though). Our aim is to help you in smoothly settling in Australia to our clients specifically or public in general.

The third benefit is that your kids can go to public school for free till year 12 ( 10+2 or Intermediate in Indian terms). You too can go to study and you will not be charged International student fees. This difference can be huge, so take advantage of this if you really want to hone your skills. This will give you huge confidence and you will be able to land your dream job.

Also note that Australian citizens get Government help in their higher education. So, if you plan to go to University later when you become citizen, then you won’t need to pay fees if you qualify under income tests. You will start repayment once you reach the income level as desired by the program you were eligible under. Please lok for the details as this blog is for general guidance only.

I will continue with the benefits in Part II of this blog.

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Announcing Opening of Office in India!!

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More exciting news regarding our tie-ups will be announced in near future.

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