Which city is best for new migrants?

This question gets asked quite often by the migrants – which is the best city to settle down in Australia? Now that I am on my business trip to India I get asked more of the same question. So, to make things easier for you I am writing this a small post today.

My first recommendation is to look for the job even before you arrive in Australia. You should start browsing websites like seek.com.au or indeed.com.au to have a feel of what kinds of jobs are available and in which cities.

The second recommendation is to make a great LinkedIn profile and start networking with people in your field. Just don’t start asking for favours straightaway. Invest some time there. Your honesty and sincerity will yield results, just be patient and positive.

The third recommendation is to come and explore Australia for two weeks at least. Go out and meet with recruiters, show them that you are confident and will be a good fit for any company they recommend you to. Making good first impression matters a lot. Also, go make cold calls by visiting some companies you are interested in working with. But do your home work first.

Now, if you have done some research as per above, hopefully you will not ask the question you asked in the first place. But just to answer the question above simply, the jobs are more in bigger cities. Therefore, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane are the top three cities for new migrants to start exploring the jobs when they first arrive in Australia.

Please feel free to ask any questions or comments below.

Have a very Bright Future!