Canada vs Australia

This topic keeps coming up as many migrants (and also some Americans!) who don’t want to live in USA after Trump became the President, as the tension has been growing there and life on temporary visas has become very stressful. At least two Indians have been shot there recently as they were yelled at to go back to their home country. But for so many, USA is their home and they can not think about going to any other place. And for those who are relatively new and still waiting for the Green Card (GC) it is an eye-opener experience as it may take up to a decade before they get their GCs.
So, for those who relatively new in USA or for those who are still in their home country but thinking about their next move, here is my most valuable recommendation: Get a permanent visa whether it is USA GC or Canadian/Australian Permanent Residency(PR). That secures your family’s future as a bird in hand is twice as worth, unless of course you just want a short stint in a foreign country for a different experience or $$$.
Regarding USA, I lived there for 7 years on temporary visas. It’s a long wait for Green Card (GC) over there. I am still in queue for that elusive GC but it may still take 10 more years! So, unless one gets GC quickly there, I don’t recommend USA for Indians only due to excruciating wait for the GC. The fastest route for USA GC is the spouse visa route and that’s a personal decision. USA is going through a rough phase right now after Trump and Indians are not feeling safe there but that can be anywhere in the world in future.
Canada can be a good option because of getting that one year after studies (the period can be more depending on the course undertaken). I recommend a course which will help in getting Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). The proximity to USA is the biggest draw for Indians as because of NAFTA agreement, they can easily work in USA after getting Canadian citizenship. The biggest issue with Canada is the weather. It is very dark, gloomy and cold in the east coast for most part of the year but it is heaven in those 2-3 months of summer. Vancouver on the west coast is more pleasant and it’s really very beautiful in summer but the trade-off is mostly rainy season for the rest of the year.
I moved to Australia in 2014 with my young family and we love it here mainly because of the weather and work life balance. It’s nice and warm all year round and we love outdoors. So, going on the pristine beaches, nice kids parks and in nature is a routine for us. We feel that the lifestyle is more relaxed here in Australia, with their mandated 4 weeks annual leave and 2 weeks medical leave compared to zero in USA! USA is the only developed country in the world where employees are left on their own to negotiate their leave with their employers with minimum wages being not even half of Australia. Go figure why Americans are so stressed out all the time which shows in the number of gun related killings.
After you get Australian citizenship, you also have the option of working in USA on E3 visa just as Canadians have NAFTA agreement with USA. The E3 visa is almost like H1b visa but the requirements are not that stringent and the quota of E3 visa has never reached since its inception and also the fees are lower.
I keep saying that migration is a very personal choice and it is up to the person’s liking as to what s/he is looking to achieve by settling in a new country. It is the most important decision after marriage, in my personal opinion.So, think about all the factors and then make an educated decision as this decision will have life long implications.

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