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Queensland (QLD) is the second biggest state of Australia (behind Western Australia) with total area of 1,852,642 km², and it is the third most populous state behind NSW and Victoria with a population of approximately 5 million. India’s biggest state is Rajasthan with an area of 342,239 km², so QLD is approximately 5.5 times bigger than Rajasthan and to really drill down this fact get this – QLD is bigger than combined areas of top 7 biggest states of India viz. Rajasthan, MP, Maharashtra, UP, J&K, Gujarat and Karnataka!!


Queensland is also known as the “Sunshine State” and that’s also my home state now. I moved to Sydney initially after getting Australian PR but moved to Gold Coast last April. The main reason was expensive housing in Sydney but weather is also more pleasant in SE QLD. My family just loves it here!! Moving to Australia was the best decision of my life and I can vouch that moving from Sydney to Gold Coast (QLD) was the second best decision! 😉


Gold Coast is the entertainment capital of Australia and the region attracts almost 12 million visitors every year. Gold Coast is hosting 2018 Commonwealth Games. It is expected that over 6,600 athletes and team officials from 70 nations and territories will converge on the Gold Coast for an 11 day sporting and cultural event. Borobi the blue koala has been announced as the official mascot for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.




As you all know by now that we are in Southern hemisphere and hence summer is from December to February with an average temperature of 19 – 29 degrees Celsius (66 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit). Winter is from June to August with an average temperature of 9 – 21 degrees Celsius (48 to 69 Fahrenheit). The subtropical climate with an average water temperature of 22 degrees encourages an outdoor lifestyle anytime of the year. That’s what makes enjoying beautiful, pristine beaches of Queensland even more fun all year-round.


Exploring Queensland:

As Queensland is such a big state and it is full of natural beauty, the biggest problem for you will be to decide which places to visit and which ones to skip! BTW, that is always an issue with Australia. But the one you can not afford to miss from Queensland list (in fact from Australia) is one and only the Great Barrier Reef.  The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, is the largest living thing on Earth, and even visible from outer space. The 2,300km-long ecosystem comprises thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands made of over 600 types of hard and soft coral. It’s home to countless species of colourful fish, molluscs and starfish, plus turtles, dolphins and sharks. Please read here for more beautiful pictures of Australia.

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Other beautiful places:

You like beaches and seen many around NSW, Victoria? Sorry, but you haven’t seen anything like Whitehaven Beach! I promise you that you will not like to leave this place! Then there is Lake McKanzie on Fraser Island. What is Fraser Island, you ask? Fraser Island is one of the world’s most unusual islands. Not only is it the largest sand island in the world – 123 kilometres (76 miles) long and 22 kilometres (14 miles) wide – but it’s the only place on Earth where tall rainforests grow on sand dunes at elevations of more than 200 metres (656 feet). It also has half the world’s perched lakes – lakes formed when depressions in dunes fill permanently with rainwater. There is no other place like Fraser Island in the world.

Then you have Surfer’s Paradise Beach – which many claim the best beach in Australia while some claim it is Noosa Main Beach! So, as you can see you are spoilt for choice here, really! Oh, what a place! There are so many national parks, which I have noticed are free to enter whereas you need to pay for that in NSW. Please correct me if I am wrong.



As I said in my last post too – the most important thing for a new immigrant is to get the job of your choice and for that Sydney and Melbourne are the two recommended cities of Australia when it comes to job openings. If you are looking for IT related, financial sector, and healthcare related jobs then your preferred hunting grounds should be either Sydney or Melbourne.  There are mining related jobs in Queensland but that is on decline but there are some jobs to be had in hospitality sector, healthcare, accounting etc. but of course, you need to do your thorough research about your field.

We offer our clients handy tips to land jobs when they move to Australia based on personal experiences of people around us who successfully got jobs sooner rather than later. But please remember that we are NOT recruiters, hence we do not guarantee any jobs.

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Ajeet lived in USA for seven years before deciding to move to Australia in 2014. He is originally from India and loves to travel and see the world. Having migrated twice (till now!), he knows that this process is full of anxieties and apprehensions but the allurement of distant land is fascinating. Passionate about helping potential migrants and save them from unscrupulous agents , he started his migration firm in 2016. When Ajeet is not working on his cases, he loves to share information on his blog about Australia (and more!) and loves to play/watch cricket. Ajeet is a registered MARA agent by profession but the intent of this blog is not to provide any advice. The blog is general in nature and does not constitute personal advice and neither reflects the view of his employer. The purpose is to provide free and valuable information to start a meaningful conversation to help prospective migrants in making the biggest decision of their lives.

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