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The vibrant capital city of Sydney is your base for exploring New South Wales (NSW). NSW is a land of contrasts because it has got all you need to see – pristine beaches, lush rain-forests, rugged beauty of the outback and yes, snow too! That’s why NSW is the most visited state of Australia.

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There are so many beautiful beaches in Australia but Bondi beach is the iconic one and comes straight to mind when we talk about Sydney. Byron Bay is world famous for surfing and whale-watching and you can spot celebrities here on your lucky day.

NSW is the fifth biggest state of Australia (809,444 km2) but it is the most populous one with a population of 7.7 million. Sydney is the biggest city of Australia with its population surpassing 5 million mark. It is also the financial capital of Australia, followed closely by Melbourne both in population and job openings. Most of the interstate movement in Australia is between NSW and Victoria with people moving from Sydney to Melbourne because of cheaper housing available in Melbourne. The median home price in Sydney is $1.1 million (apartment $711k) while it is $795k (apartment $459k) in Melbourne.

NSW attractions

  1. Sydney Harbour Bridge
  2. Sydney Opera House
  3. Bondi Beach
  4. Blue Mountains National Park: 65 kms west of Sydney
  5. Snowy Mountains: 500 kms south of Sydney
  6. Hunter Valley (famous for wineries): 2 hours drive from Sydney
  7. Coffs Harbour (beautiful beaches and sub-tropical climate): 537 kms north of Sydney
  8. Byron Bay (hotspot for hippies, surfers and celebrities): 777 kms north of Sydney (less than 100 kms from Gold Coast 🙂
  9. Norfolk Island (World Heritage listed historic sites)
  10. Outback NSW: Mungo National Park (records of aboriginal life dating back approximately 50,000 years)

Financial capital of NSW: Sydney

Most of the new immigrants arrive in Sydney (followed closely by Melbourne). There is a solid  reason for that – jobs! It’s always a better idea to try to get your job at the earliest because your savings start eroding pretty quickly if you are not earning. Sydney is a very expensive city and the rental prices are exorbitant. A two bedroom  apartment easily costs $500 and that would be far from the city! I am talking 30-40 minutes train ride away (more than an hour in car!). Somewhere near CBD will easily make you poorer by $1,000. And when I am mentioning these prices, I should let you know they are weekly rents and not monthly!

But having said that, the average salaries are also higher and Australia affords one of the best lifestyles in the world. Four weeks of paid annual leave, two weeks medical leave in addition to at least 10 public holidays (paid, unlike USA – which guarantees none of the above).



The most important thing for a new immigrant is to get the job of your choice and Sydney is no. 1 city of Australia when it comes to job openings. This is the reason Sydney is the most populous city of Australia. Sydney is expanding at a very rapid pace and it’s second international airport will be built at Badgerys Creek (western Sydney) at a cost of approximately $8 billion. I also arrived in Sydney and I got job in banking sector within one month of starting my job hunt. So, I will definitely recommend anyone to start from Sydney (but of course, you need thorough research about your field).

But the most important recommendation: be smart! Just having qualifications and experience won’t land you a job here if you have no Australian experience. New immigrants find it hard to digest the fact that they get rejected because they have got no ‘local’ experience. It is their polite way of saying no, as ultimately new immigrants do get jobs here without any local experience, myself included. So, come mentally prepared for initial failures. Also, you should ideally have 12 months saving to see you through if coming with family. Be positive,go to network events and learn from your rejections. Go talk to strangers and make friendships from people of different communities. Make your linkedin account look like a professional and connect with people from your field. Volunteer, if you are without job to get that local experience. It shows that you are fit to work in Australia. I know, I know…

We offer our clients handy tips to land jobs when they move to Australia based on personal experiences of people around us who successfully got jobs sooner rather than later. But please remember that we are NOT recruiters, hence we do not guarantee any jobs.

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Ajeet lived in USA for seven years before deciding to move to Australia in 2014. He is originally from India and loves to travel and see the world. Having migrated twice (till now!), he knows that this process is full of anxieties and apprehensions but the allurement of distant land is fascinating. Passionate about helping potential migrants and save them from unscrupulous agents , he started his migration firm in 2016. When Ajeet is not working on his cases, he loves to share information on his blog about Australia (and more!) and loves to play/watch cricket. Ajeet is a registered MARA agent by profession but the intent of this blog is not to provide any advice. The blog is general in nature and does not constitute personal advice and neither reflects the view of his employer. The purpose is to provide free and valuable information to start a meaningful conversation to help prospective migrants in making the biggest decision of their lives.

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