Points Test for Australian PR (189 visa)


The Skilled-Independent visa (subclass 189) is a permanent residence (PR) visa for points-tested skilled workers who want to work and live in Australia. The list of occupations (SOL) which qualify for this visa is here. The next step in the process is to get positive assessment for your occupation. There are other factors involved too but the focus of today’s blog is to share with you the points calculator so I will keep the blog focussed on that.

To be able to apply for this visa you need to submit an expression of interest and then be invited through SkillSelect to apply. This is a great way to enter Australia as this visa lets you whatever you want to do (of course, legally!) unlike USA where you have to work in your profession even if you have worked there for decades!!

You need to score at least 60 points against points test factors to be eligible to be invited to apply for this visa as mentioned above. If you are invited to apply, you must achieve at least the score specified in your letter of invitation.

Here is the points test table, which is used to calculate your eligible points. Please keep in mind that this table is for general calculation only and even if you reckon that you score 60 points, it does not mean that you will get the visa. Some professions have higher threshold for qualifying for the invitation. For example, as of writing of this blog accountants need 70 points to get the invitation.

 Points Test for 189 Visa
Factor Description Points
Age 18–24 years 25
25–32 years 30
33–39 years 25
40–44 years 15
45–49 years 0
English language ability

Test results must be no older than three years immediately before the day on which the visa application was made.

Competent English


Proficient English 10
Superior English


Skilled employment

Only 20 points can be awarded for any combination of skilled employment in and outside Australia

Outside Australia: skilled employment in your nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation
  • In skilled employment for at least three but less than five years (of the past 10 years)
  • In skilled employment for at least five but less than eight years (of the past 10 years)
  • In skilled employment for at least eight and up to 10 years (of the past 10 years)
In Australia: skilled employment in your nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation
  • In skilled employment for at least one but less than three years (of the past 10 years)
  • In skilled employment for at least three but less than five years (of the past 10 years)
  • In skilled employment for at least five but less than eight years (of the past 10 years)
  • In skilled employment for at least eight and up to 10 years (of the past 10 years)
Qualifications Doctorate from an Australian educational institution or other doctorate of a recognised standard 20
At least a bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognised standard 15
Diploma or trade qualification completed in Australia 10
An award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation 10
Australian study requirement One or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution and meet the Australian study requirement 5
Specialist Education Qualification Post Graduate Degree by Research through a course or courses taken for at least two academic years at an Australian educational institution 5
Other factors Credentialled community language qualifications 5
Study in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area (excluding distance education) 5
Partner skill qualifications 5
Professional year in Australia for at least 12 months in the four years before the day you were invited to apply 5
Nomination/sponsorship (where required) Nomination by state or territory government (visa subclass 190only) 5
Nomination by state or territory government or sponsorship by an eligible family member to reside and work in a specified/designated area (visa subclass 489 only)

Source: Australian Government Immigration website (www.border.com.au)

The information provided above is  general in nature, please contact us for free assessment or to discuss your pathway to Australian dream!


Top 12 reasons to choose Australia over USA

In continuing with our series, top 10 reasons to settle in Australia, today I will provide you 12 reasons today (more is better!) why you should consider Australia over USA. Both these countries are first world countries and the living standard is one of the best in the world. If you have the opportunity, you can choose any of the two any day.

I lived major part of my life in India and then moved to USA. I spent seven years of my prime working days in USA and being stuck there in visa maze, I decided it was time to move on. If I had gotten my green card there, I would have not thought of other options. USA has their own visa system in which they assign visa date based on the country of birth of the applicant (not country of passport). Also there are different employment categories for different countries. Look at the table below and try to understand (if you can!).

                                          USCIS Visa Bulletin for November 2016 

All Chargeability
Areas Except
Those Listed
1st C C C C C
2nd C 01MAR13 22APR09 C C
3rd C 01MAY14 01JUL05 C 01SEP13


The above table is for final action on visa application. They issue another table which is called ‘dates for filing visa applications (employment).’ Try to make sense of their visa system which is so ancient that even dinosaurs extinction seems recent! President Obama wanted to bring new immigration legislation within 100 days of his Presidency to replace their ‘unfair and archaic migration system.’ Here we are after 8 years of Mr. Obama’s presidency and USA has not moved an inch towards modernising their visa system. It’s best that I do not discuss the nominees for the next President of the great USA.

I have seen many Indians being stuck on H1b visas in USA for more than a decade. What it means is that they are stuck with an employer who knows that it is very difficult to get a new H1b visa if they try to change the employer. Also, their green card may get jeopardised in the process of changing jobs, so the majority don’t change their jobs. Employers take advantage of their situation and exploit them by under-paying in terms of salary and in so many other ways that a whole new blog can be written without covering even a small portion of the issues involved. I also know many Indians who have not visited their home country in decades fearing that their visas may get denied in India.


The USA embassy in India did deny many visas after the 2008 global financial crisis for Indians who had lived in USA for years on H1b visas. They had even bought homes and cars there. This is a very difficult situation for any person and it’s really shocking because they had kids who were born in USA and hence, these kids are USA citizens. This is a very complex subject-matter, so I will not go further and come back to the topic but if you have questions/comments, post below and I will try to answer them to best of my knowledge.

Without any further ado, let’s start the reasons for choosing Australia over USA.

  1. First of all, from our discussion above, getting permanent residency in Australia is like a walk in the park if you are qualified, your skills are needed here and you fulfil their criteria. What about USA? Even if you fall in the above category, USA will make you jump through so many hoops and make you wait for at least a decade that I personally find it worthless. Reason? You lose so much in personal and professional life that you regret after 20 years. Don’t get me wrong, if you get green card quickly then you can set up your own business or change jobs easily and you can really achieve success in your chosen field. Otherwise, good luck! You are stuck with blood -sucking employers.
  2. International students have pathway to getting permanent residency in Australia as you are rewarded a minimum 5 points towards the total 60 points needed, if you meet their conditions. You are also free to work in any job if you are studying in Australia but in USA first you have to find job at the campus you are studying at, which is next to impossible. If not, then find work outside campus but in a field related to your studies. Again, very unlikely. End result? International students work illegally for cash with gas stations, convenience stores etc. getting paid in cash. Again, employers take advantage of their vulnerable situation and hugely underpay them. Oh, and what about green card after studies? Well, you have some advantage over H1b allocation every year but nothing towards green card!
  3. Australia has mandated four weeks of paid annual leave whereas USA is the only developed (OECD) country where the employees are left at the mercy of their employers to negotiate the annual leave. Some shift workers like nurses get six weeks in Australia but the average annual leave for high earners in USA is two weeks.
  4. The same issue with the medical leave: Australia has mandated 10 days of sick leave every year but USA has got zero, zilch, nada! You are not allowed to get sick there!
  5. Number of deaths in gun violence in USA in 2014: 12,594 and in Australia: 230! Agreed that the USA population is more than ten times that of Australia but still there is a huge difference here. Australia banned guns after Port Arthur massacre of 1996 but Mr. Obama even though he tried (and is still trying) couldn’t even implement simple background checks for all gun buyers even after Sandy Hook Elementary shooting where 20 children were killed (aged 6 to 7 years) on December 14, 2012.
  6. College education is cheaper when compared to USA. It’s getting expensive every year here too but still if you will have university going kids Australia makes more sense. But remember, USA universities are the best in the world and Australian universities featuring only in top 50/100.
  7. Australians are more laid-back than Americans, so if you want to have more relaxed lifestyle, Australia is the way to go. Nobody is responds to official matters on weekends in Australia but in USA your employer expects that from you.
  8. The national minimum wage in Australia currently is $17.70 per hour whereas the federal minimum wage in USA is $7.25 per hour. This is the basic reason why there are more beggars, homeless people in USA. Australia is more egalitarian than the US and Australians are able to live with ambiguity more than Americans are.
  9. Australian employers have to contribute a minimum of 9.25% of your salary in ‘super’ contribution. This is like provident fund in India. In USA they are not required to contribute anything in your ‘401k’ (retirement fund), but some employers do match employees contribution which can be 3% to 6%. But again, that is not mandated. It means that if you retire in Australia you will have a bigger retirement fund, guaranteeing peace of mind. Did I mention that you are also eligible for pension if you pass the asset test which excludes your primary residence and approximately $8ook in other assets?
  10. Peace of mind is the central theme when you live and retire in Australia. Medicare is free in Australia (you do contribute 1.5% of salary) whereas in USA if you are working class (as most of us immigrants are), you have to buy private insurance. The monthly premium depends on your medical condition and family size and you are subject to deductibles and out of pocket expenses. You get the point, I hope. Thousands of Americans declare bankruptcy because they cannot afford medical bills. Insurance companies find ways to not pay your bills and you are excluded from coverage if you have pre-existing conditions.
  11. If you love cricket, of course you will choose Australia any day! Australians love sports and love to be outdoors as the weather allows them to be. Did I mention the weather year around is great?
  12. If you would like to spend less time in a metal tube at 35,000 feet above sea level travelling to your country of destination, you will definitely choose Australia if travelling from Indian subcontinent. I definitely feel to get out of the airplane after a very short time in flight! But that’s me!


Australians have a unique sense of humour and if they are teasing you, it’s most probably that they like you and if you play along and respond in the same humorous way, they will become your mates for life. Remember, Australia is more expensive particularly homes, cars etc. but that has still not hampered its growth in the last 25 years. Australia is called a ‘lucky’ country and growing at a steady rate.

When it comes to choosing a country where you want to settle and retire, it all depends on your priorities and unique situation. It is a personal choice and you have to take that decision. My work is to provide you some relevant facts so that you start thinking. The purpose of this is to start a conversation so that we all benefit from this. This is my viewpoint based on my personal circumstances and I am not claiming it will be 100% accurate or right for you.


Any questions/comments? Write below and I will answer..

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Beautiful Australia

                                                                     Beautiful Australia

As promised, here is my second blog in the series of our focus on ‘Why Australia’. I have tried to put assortment of pictures from different parts of Australia. It’s soon going to be two years of living in Australia for me on permanent residency. I love to travel but with family and job commitments in tandem, it is a slightly difficult task. Still, I have managed to see some beautiful parts of Australia. These include Sydney, Newcastle, Woolongong, Canberra, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Tasmania, and of course Gold Coast! So, let’s dive in!!

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so I will let the pictures do the major portion of talking in this blog, so that you can soak in the beauty of Australia.





Opera House – Vivid Sydney (World’s largest festival of light, music and ideas)


New Year’s Eve Fireworks


Bondi Beach, Sydney


Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, Near Sydney



Canberra (Capital)


Parliament House


Spring festival




Great Ocean Road


World famous MCG


Australian Open Tennis (Rod Laver Arena)


Yarra Valley, near Melbourne (wineries)






Southbank, Brisbane [Brisbane is the only major city not situated on a coast. No worries, we got one man-made beach 🙂 ]

Gold Coast


Iconic Surfers Paradise


Gold Coast Coastline


Gold Coast – Entertainment Capital of Australia


Sea World



Wineglass Bay


Russell Falls


Rain forests


Bay of fires


Dove Lake, Cradle Mountains


Yeh Dil Maange More? Here..

Great Barrier Reef


Heart Shaped Reef


Humpback Whales


Underwater Corals


Sunshine Coast






Must see places? All of Australia! Each corner is full of natural beauty – from pristine beaches to beautiful rain forests. You name it and Australia has got it! Oh, that reminds me. Do you know Australia has got penguins as well? Don’t believe me? I too didn’t initially, but…


Now you do? They are found south of Melbourne and in the Western Australia too!!

I am personally looking forward to go see a living structure which is 25 million years old and which is the only living structure which can be seen from the space!! Do you know what I am talking about? Yes, you do, if you read my first blog – the Great Barrier Reef. It is under tremendous attack due to environmental factors, therefore, I would like to see this beauty at the earliest.

Other places on my list include Adelaide (Barossa Valley wineries) on the south, Darwin and Uluru on the north, Perth in the west. All the major cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) of Australia are located on the east coast of Australia except for Perth which is on the west coast. Remember growing up when we used to be happy when the cricket games were held at Perth? Because the time difference between Indian Standard Time (IST) and Perth is minimal and we could enjoy the games without waking up early unlike the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane games!!

So, there you go! If you are still thirsty for more, do let me know and I will post some more pictures. Please feel free to write what you thought of these pictures and topics which interest you.

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Top 10 reasons to settle in Australia

I am starting a new blog series for those of you who are considering moving to Australia. I will try to provide all kinds of information in this series – from immigration to settlement. So, get ready for an exciting journey of a lifetime. Just don’t sit back, ask whatever you want to as this journey is also very challenging! And it won’t hurt if you are prepared in advance!!
Today, I will list some major reasons why you should move to Australia. I was born in India and I love my country. The comparisons I will draw on my blogs will be to just put things in front of you so that you can make an educated decision. Also, I do not claim that I know everything and whatever I will be writing here is for general purpose for starting a conversation. Always, do your thorough research for your personal situation as each individual’s circumstances are different and hence what may be an advantage for one may be disadvantage to the other.
So, let’s start:
1. Australia is the fourth happiest country in the world (Prosperity Index 2012) and we have five of the 30 best cities in the world for students (Top University Rankings 2012).

2. Australia is a land of opportunities and after your initial struggles, if you are hardworking and relentless, success will be at your feet.
3. Excellent play areas and parks for your kids. If your children’s future and security is your priority, then look no further. My personal opinion – these facilities are even better than US!
Education in public schools is free and the level of education is pretty high.

4. Australia is called a lucky country! There are many reasons for that. My current reason? No recession for Australia in last 25 years! When all the countries were facing the global financial crisis in 2008, Australia was still posting positive growth numbers! And still is!!
5. Australia is a big country. To put this in perspective, it is almost as big as the US is but the population is less than 1/10th! What it means? Lots of open spaces but not in cities. And a great scope for the future generations.

6. Australia is a beautiful country and you literally need to go may be an hour or so from the city (any) to see the natural beauty of Australia. From beautiful pristine beaches to snowy mountains (yes, we have snow here too) to natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef. It is the world’s largest living structure which is even visible from the space. And it’s size is as big as the UK’s!! And what is the age of the reef? 25 million years!!

7. Australia is a safe country, especially when you compare it to the US, parts of Europe and definitely India. Australian government takes its job of protecting its borders very seriously and unauthorised boat arrivals have totally stopped.

8. Australia is big in sports. We play cricket in summers and rugby in winters. But Australia rules football (no, not soccer), swimming, surfing, horse racing, basketball, netball are all very popular sports. Australians love to be ‘outdoors’!!

9. By the way, we are in southern hemisphere. So, the seasons are reversed here. We have summers in December, January and winters in June, July to give you a rough idea. So, no ‘white’ Christmas for you as it is summer time here. I know, this may be depressing for some who are used to northern hemisphere’s snowy Christmas, but the schools are closed here from second week of December to the last week of January. So, you can plan ahead…

10. Australian weather is fantastic year around. The winters are not as harsh as Canada or USA (East Coast) and the summers are also not that hot. Exceptions: winters in Canberra/Tasmania and summers in NT/Northern Queensland.

So, there you go! I just listed top 10 reasons to migrate to Australia. This list can change a lot if you look from someone else’s perspective or if someone is single! I have barely scratched the surface! Each point can be a topic for a book and we can have at least 100 more points which can be easily included in this list.

My work is just to provide some perspective, so that you can do some research and arrive at your own conclusions. And also you can throw some questions here and I will try to answer them (or may be some of you can answer them too!). Again, the purpose is to start a meaningful and fun conversation for the benefit of prospective immigrants! After all, we work for YOUR bright future!

Got any questions/comments? Post below…