USA Phases Out DACA – DREAMers On Edge


Trump has delivered what he promised during his election but what it means is that more than 800,000 young women/men (8,000 Indians) will face uncertain futures as their DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) status will not be renewed going forward. Congress has to legislate to fix this issue but looking at what Congress has been achieved in past two decades, these people have been put on edge.

These “undocumented” people were given a relief in the form of DACA by Obama administration’s executive order (only temporary fix but it could have continued in the same form but Trump decided to phase  it out as per his election promise) and they were planning their futures in USA and doing all the right things but now this has shattered their dreams as they don’t know what has future in store for them.

These people have called USA their homes and it’s not their fault that they have lived most of their childhood in USA and don’t know much about their native country as they never went back there. Technically they are illegals but they are law-abiding people who have big dreams of making it big in USA. They deserve a chance and DACA had given that window of hope to them but the door has been closed on their faces.


I will like to point out that the kids of legal migrants face issues of a different kind and that should also be resolved by the administration.  I personally know many Indian migrants who are stuck in USA on H1Bs for years (5-15 years average) and after their children become 18 years of age, they no longer qualify to be put on their parents temporary visas. Hence, they have to apply for their own student visas and I think they also have to qualify independently for Green Card application. This is really very stressful for those who have given 10-15 years to USA but their children are left out just because it takes more than 10-15 years for Indians to get their Green cards when people from other countries (including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bagladesh etc.) get theirs much sooner.

What is DACA?

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