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Victoria is the most densely and second most populous state after NSW of Australia. It is also the smallest mainland state (237,629 km²) of Australia (Tasmania is the smallest state of Australia but it is an island state – I will write about Tasmania in this ‘Explore Australia’ series in future).

But don’t go by the fact that Victoria is the smallest mainland state of Australia as it is almost as big as Uttar Pradesh (the fourth biggest state of India with a total area of 240,928 km²) and it is almost five times bigger than Punjab! And incidentally, Victoria is also number one destination for Indians. Not only this but Victoria also attracts most number of inter-state movers mainly due to the fact that Melbourne’s housing is cheaper than Sydney’s.

That brings us to Melbourne – one of the most liveable cities in the world. Melbourne is the second largest city of Australia and has a diverse multicultural population with almost 25% of its population born overseas and the city is home to residents from 180 countries, who speak over 233 languages and dialects and follow 116 religious faiths. It has been ranked most liveable city in the world sixth time in a row.

The rivalry between Sydney residents and Melbourne residents is well known with both claiming that they are the best city of Australia. I will leave that to them to continue their fight while we enjoy the best of both the cities. But there is no doubt that the cafes in Melbourne are one of the best in the world.

Melbourne is undoubtedly the sports capital of Australia where you have public holiday for a horse race! Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) iconic image comes to mind when you talk about cricket in Australia but guess what cricket is not their most favourite sports, Australian Rules Football is! In fact, cricket comes at distance six when you take popularity in the context of number of people attending! Cricket is played only in summer months and as sports popularity is also very regional here in Australia. So, I leave this topic here as this can be a controversial subject.

Now, coming back to the original topic of exploring Victoria, well as it is with all other states that there is so much for everyone that it is so difficult to choose what to see and what to skip. So, whenever you come here, give yourself extra time as you may encounter a surprise at any corner. There is food, nightlife and wine culture with Yarra valley world famous wineries. There is plethora of nature and wildlife to explore. You mention Australia and Kangaroo is the first thing that comes to mind but there are all sorts of interesting animals here like do you know about Platypus which actually has sixth sense. But do you know you can see Penguins here in Victoria? Yes, Phillip Island is home to one of the world’s largest colonies of the world’s smallest penguins, and this experience is something you don’t want to miss.

There is plenty of culture and art scene going on here in Melbourne, there are so many points of interest and lookouts to enjoy the wonderful beauty of amazing Australia. And once you are in Melbourne, don’t forget to go on that scenic Great Ocean Road drive with some people claiming this to be the most beautiful spot of Australia. Lots of Indian movies have also been shot here with “Salaam Namaste” to be the one which comes to mind straightaway.


As I said in my last post – the most important thing for a new immigrant is to get the job of your choice and Melbourne is no. 2 city of Australia when it comes to job openings. This is the reason Melbourne is the second most populous city of Australia. If you are looking for IT related, financial sector, and healthcare related jobs then your preferred hunting grounds should be either Sydney or Melbourne but of course, you need to do your thorough research about your field.

We offer our clients handy tips to land jobs when they move to Australia based on personal experiences of people around us who successfully got jobs sooner rather than later. But please remember that we are NOT recruiters, hence we do not guarantee any jobs.

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Ajeet lived in USA for seven years before deciding to move to Australia in 2014. He is originally from India and loves to travel and see the world. Having migrated twice (till now!), he knows that this process is full of anxieties and apprehensions but the allurement of distant land is fascinating. Passionate about helping potential migrants and save them from unscrupulous agents , he started his migration firm in 2016. When Ajeet is not working on his cases, he loves to share information on his blog about Australia (and more!) and loves to play/watch cricket. Ajeet is a registered MARA agent by profession but the intent of this blog is not to provide any advice. The blog is general in nature and does not constitute personal advice and neither reflects the view of his employer. The purpose is to provide free and valuable information to start a meaningful conversation to help prospective migrants in making the biggest decision of their lives.

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