Australia’s Wild Life

Prepare to be bewildered by these amazing facts about bizarre animals that live in the dry country. Today I will take you on an amazing adventure, and it is about some animals that you might not know. Of course, if you want to move to Australia you would need to know what animals live locally for where you are so you can be prepared. Now, come along with me on this amazing safari!

Our first stop is Tasmania. This is an island south of Victoria, and this island has an interesting past. At first it was attached to Victoria, but then it got separated. When the First Fleet arrived, it was still believed to be attached to the main land because the ships didn’t go near the land, so they never saw the gap.


Now, moving on, the first animal I want to show you is the one and only Tasmanian Devil! The Tasmanian devil is a scavenger. A scavenger is an animal that only eats animals that where already dead. This marvellous creature drinks bone marrow, a fluid inside a bone, after crunching on the bone, breaking it.  Tasmanian devils use leftover bones that predators leave. They often get into fights with others, fighting for a bone. When they do get into fights, their ears turn from pink to red. Tasmanian Devils won’t attack humans, so don’t worry about getting attacked by one.


Now I’ll take you to the Australian Outback in South Australia. Meet the Thorny Devil! In the dry area of the Australian Outback, most animals would suffer from the lack of water. But not this outstanding Outback dweller! The Thorny Devil has pipe-like things on its back, and any water that falls on it like rain water and water falling off leaves, goes in the pipes and the pipes take that water to its mouth, giving it a drink. This is another peaceful animal and it won’t do anything to you.


And now I will introduce you to the Funnel Web Spider! Funnel Webs can be anywhere in east Australia and can even be found in your back yard! They dig tunnels then go inside the tunnel and then they cover it. When they hear the vibration of an insect, they open their tunnels, and grab that insect, eating it. Funnel Webs have dangerous bites, and they can live for hours underwater! These creatures are mainly nocturnal, and they can’t jump. Don’t go near them and they will not harm you.

That’s it for our safari! Fire any questions in the comments section below!

This blog is written by my son, Vikram who is 10 years old and a student of 5th standard at Gold Coast. He has keen interest in history and wild-life of Australia. He is starting this series to share his passion with you.


Ajeet lived in USA for seven years before deciding to move to Australia in 2014. He is originally from India and loves to travel and see the world. Having migrated twice (till now!), he knows that this process is full of anxieties and apprehensions but the allurement of distant land is fascinating. Passionate about helping potential migrants and save them from unscrupulous agents , he started his migration firm in 2016. When Ajeet is not working on his cases, he loves to share information on his blog about Australia (and more!) and loves to play/watch cricket. Ajeet is a registered MARA agent by profession but the intent of this blog is not to provide any advice. The blog is general in nature and does not constitute personal advice and neither reflects the view of his employer. The purpose is to provide free and valuable information to start a meaningful conversation to help prospective migrants in making the biggest decision of their lives.

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  1. Great job Vikram! Thanks for sharing such important information on these little wild animals, I barely had any idea about. Keep it up. Goodluck

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